A facility offer by St Brigid’s Credit Union to members is that of “Nomination”.

As a member you can nominate a person or (persons) to become entitled on your death to any balance of savings that you may have in St Brigid’s Credit Union. The maximum that a member may nominate is €23,000. The remaining balance in the account will be paid over to the estate of the deceased. Any member aged 16 or over may make a nomination. You may change your nomination at any time. It is important to note that a marriage will revoke any nomination made prior to the marriage.

Where any nomination is to be paid to a Minor under 16, it may be paid to either parent or a guardian of the Minor or to any other person above 18 who will

  • Undertake to hold it on trust for the Minor or to apply it for his/her benefit; and
  • Whom the credit union thinks is a fit and proper person for the purpose.

This facility is provided by St Brigid’s Credit Union free of charge. We advise all members to make a nomination when joining and to regularly review your nomination. Nominations can be made and subsequently amended easily. Please contact us if you require more details.


The ELS allows members to lodge shares or make loan repayments without the in-convenience of having to queue. Simply fill in the express lodgement slip and together with cash place in the express lodgement box (envelopes available in the office), where a member of staff will carry out the transaction for you.



St. Brigid’s Credit Unions offers you a comprehensive and convenient foreign exchange service. Now you can purchase all major foreign currencies from us in advance of your holiday. We will also buy back any foreign bank notes or travellers cheques on your return. We do not accept coin from any country so you should try and use it up before you travel home. All transactions over €2,500 will now require Photo ID and Proof of address to comply with Money Laundering Regulation.

Bureau de Change counter is open until 5.00 pm Tuesday to Friday and 4.30 pm on Saturday


Allianz 3

We act as intermediaries for Allianz Plc. We will give you a quote over the phone or you can call into either of our offices. Their rates are very competitive and you can pay the full amount up front or you can set up a direct debit monthly. You could also apply for a small loan to pay for you insurance.


Travel Insurance: Choice of 3 levels of cover to suit all budgets (Budget, Premier & Premier Plus), Phone: 1800 344 455

Car Insurance: Flexible cover options available, Phone: 1890 410 410

Home Insurance: Choice of 3 levels of cover – Essential/Plus/Premium, Phone: 1890 410 410

For more information or to purchase cover you can – go online at  or phone the above telephone numbers


A standing order can be set up to save money and/or to repay a loan. You can also transfers funds from an account in another financial institution to your credit union account.


We are happy to provide gift cheques for birthdays, weddings and Christmas. There are no fees for this service.


As a member of St. Brigid’s Credit Union, you will receive a group discount on your premium. Indicate that you are a member when you are signing up with VHI or, if you are an existing member, check are you receiving your discount.


Large presentation cheques are available.